Structures and Cooperation of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions

The Council of Danube Cities and Regions (CoDCR) is structured as follows:

  • Executive Committee, meets 2 times annual

– István Tarlós, Lord Mayor of Budapest (President)
– Gunter Czisch, Lord Mayor of Ulm, (Vice-President)
– Dr. Michael Häupl, Mayor of Vienna
– Ivo Nesrovnal, Mayor of Bratislava
– Miloš Vučević, Mayor of Novi Sad
– István Pásztor, President of the Parliament of AP Vojvodina / Serbia
– Yordanka Fandakova, Lord Mayor of Sofia
– Ivan Penava, Mayor of Vukovar, Croatia
– Denis Ambruš, Vice Mayor of Osijek, Croatia
– Plamen Stoilov, Mayor of Ruse, Bulgaria
– Nicolae Barbu, Mayor of Giurgiu, Romania
– Ionuț-Florin Pucheanu, Mayor of Galaţi, Romania
– Peter Langer, General Coordinator and spokesman, Ulm / Vienna
– Eric Bartha, General Secretariat, Bucharest
– Otto Schwetz, Vienna, as representative of the ARGE Donauländer
– Eugen Albu, Senior Advisor to the CoDCR, Blue Danube SRL Bucharest
– Representative of the EUSDR PA – 10 “Institutional Capacity”
– Representative of the Danube Civil Society Forum (DCSF)

The Executive Committee holds usually the meetings in public; the representatives of all the participating cities and regions will be invited to the meetings;

  • General Assembly (European Conference of Danube Cities and Regions), meets every year; next conference on October 17th/18th 2017 in Budapest;
  • Committee’s offices in Ulm, Vienna (registered office of the General Coordinator) and Bucharest (General Secretariat);
  • Danube Commissioners as contact persons and coordinators for the CoDCR in implementing the EUSDR at local level;
  • Cooperation with the Working Group of the Danube Regions (ARGE Donauländer)

In the “Brussels Agreement” of March 26th 2013 the representatives of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions and the Working Group of the Danube Regions (ARGE Donauländer) have agreed to deepen and to intensify their cooperation, bringing together areas of work and responsibilities, and reinforce its willingness in principle, the European Commission and national governments to assist in the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region and to assume corresponding responsibilities.

The ARGE and the CoDCR form joint working groups in the following areas:
– Economic, tourism and transport;
– Culture, Science and Education;
– Sustainability, Energy and Environment;
– Civil society, social policy and gender equality.

Contact: Peter Langer, General Coordinator CoDCR,, Phone +49 / 176 / 2210 3456

Executive Committee of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions